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Madeleine Bunting is a regular broadcaster for BBC Radio.

She has completed four series of Essays for Radio 3.


2020, Home Sweet Home

A series of 5 essays exploring aspects of our love, loss - and fear - of home. The series examines the many dimensions of what we call home, from an Iron Age hut to the home button on our smartphones.

2018, Are You Paying Attention?

Looking at the impact of digital technologies on patterns of attention, the series examined some of the ways attention has been manipulated in the past as well as considering the psychology which lies behind it.


An essay summarising the series was published on the New York Review of Books website.

2016, The Crisis of Care

Based on a wide range of interviews of people whose work is defined by care, it reflected on why this essential human activity attracts so little recognition and is so poorly understood.

2014, The Retreating Roar


A personal reflection on the decline of Christianity. It was shortlisted for Lambeth Palace's Sandford Prize.

'Stirring, thought-provoking stuff' 

The Spectator


Recent journalism 2020 onwards:


Why Covid will batter seaside towns - UnHerd 2020

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