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The Channel Islands were the only part of Britian to have been occupied in the Second World War, this is a compelling account of the struggles and compromises involved in being part of Nazi ruled Europe. Bunting interviewed hundreds of those involved and  had access to newly opened archives in the aftermath of the Cold War.

‘Madeleine Bunting is a superb chronicler of what happened.. if you want a classic example of the dilemmas of resistance, here it is’ 

Norman Stone, The Times

'Much the best book so far to appear on the German Occupation of the Channel Islands' 

MRD Foot, Times Literary Supplement

‘A masterly work of profound research and reflection, objective and humane’ 

Hugh Trevor Roper, Sunday Telegraph

‘Scholarly and immensely readable’

Jack Higgins, Mail on Sunday

‘I am full of admiration for this book. By careful research and a sensitive use of light and shade, Ms Bunting holds the reader’s attention through an uncomfortable passage in our history – and one which we have been most reluctant to inform ourselves’ 

Alan Clark, The Guardian

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