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A rigorous exploration of the British work culture, Bunting explores what is  driving trends of longer working hours, stress and job insecurity. Drawing from hundreds of interviews, Bunting describes the impacts on individual lives in every part of the labour market from the cleaner doing double shifts to earn a decent wage to the high flying white collar worker. She portrays the  modern management techniques which persuade us to invest our sense of purpose and identity in the company brand. Finally, she looks at the cost to people, their families and the wider society of a working culture which swallows up so much time.


The book prompted debate in the UK, US and Australia. Bunting spoke at dozens of events in the years after the books' publication and then joined the TUC's Commission on Vulnerable Employment which produced its groundbreaking report in 2007

‘Brilliantly thorough and thoroughly brilliant attack on the contemporary work ethic’ 

The Guardian

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