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The story of one acre in North Yorkshire and how it has been used over thousands of years up to the present. An exploration of place and belonging and the memoir of a father for whom landscape was one of his greatest consolations.


‘Madeleine Bunting's multidimensional chronicle is among the very best pieces of non-fiction to have been published in a long while about what it is like to be English' 

Simon Schama, Financial Times

 'An intriguing and elegant chronicle of a wild and woolly patch of England - Bunting is on finest form dealing with recent history, particularly when she exposes the modern cultural myth of the rural idyll… and the very English idiocy of preserving this view while the environment dies. Her scholarship ultimately produces a persuasive argument for a more potent sense of place in rootless, mobile Britain.'

Sunday Times

'A startling, willed, one-off book - What she sets out to do is to look at the acre of land in the middle of nowhere, with scholarly zest, until it becomes no longer a nowhere but a somewhere, known and minutely understood. She is an exemplary guide. Her greatest achievement is to work a single acre to produce a more general portrait of England. Above all, she questions what belonging is and discovers that it is about commitment rather than possession.' 

Kate Kellaway, Observer

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