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Madeleine has lectured at Cambridge’s Centre for Continuing Education for several years. She has also taught at the Scottish Centre for Creative Writing at Moniack Mhor near Inverness and for Gloucestershire based Dialect  She is planning more teaching in 2023 and 2024 in Gloucestershire. She also occasionally works with individual writers as a mentor. For more information, email

'Madeleine has been an utterly invaluable mentor to me for well over a decade. As I reflect on these years, I see how she has helped on several levels. 


Firstly as a friend, holding and encouraging me as we explore ideas together. I've learnt much about the craft of writing from her.  Lastly, she closely edited a near-final draft of the book I co-authored with Terry Macalister, Crude Britannia (Pluto 2021). As a writer being published by relatively small, often under-capitalised presses,  I found the publisher often does not have the time to edit. In these circumstances the assistance of one as skilled as Madeleine is a god-send. '   James Mariott


Madeleine is a frequent public speaker and attends book festivals all over the country. She has been interviewed on her work several times on BBC Radio Four’s Start the Week. She is a regular interviewer for First Thursday, conversations with local authors, in the Gloucestershire village of Painswick. For all speaker engagements please email

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